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Having 15 years of experience as owners practicing seasonal rentals without being on site, we know the difficulties and the limits of the exercise.

Installed since 2011 in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, we have professionalized this activity and decided to create BEAUVALLON SERVICES in order to relieve the owners of these hassles by helping them maximize their rental income based on new technologies and internationalization demand. 

Travelers ourselves, we have been able to appreciate arriving in welcoming and clean houses and having the possibility of relying on someone who knows the region to organize our visits, recommend restaurants etc. That is why we offer travelers to assist them so that they can enjoy and relax!

"Since we actively took over the rental management of our villas in Beauvallon, we have been generating significant and stable income. 

The experience convinced us of the potential of this new international tourism market based on sharing platforms.

Beauvallon Services is dedicated to helping owners benefit from it and vacationers to be satisfied. "


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"From the point of view of an owner of a second home, the idea of ​​renting is attractive.  But its realization from a distance is a real headache: organize the household, the reception of tenants, the success of their stay!

Sometimes discouraging ...

It is therefore natural that the idea of ​​Beauvallon Services was born!

I like to welcome, share and travel!

So I am happy to get involved in helping you! "



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