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Where are your services available?

We operate on the Gulf of Saint Tropez, more precisely in the sought after residential area of ​​Beauvallon

Who collects travelers' money?

The amount of gross rents corresponding to your reservations is transferred directly to your account.

How do I pay for your service?

We issue a monthly invoice for the services provided, payable upon receipt.

Do I have to pay if I don't have reservations?

No, we win if you win, there is no fixed fee.

When to contact you

The tourist season lasts mainly from May to October although there may be a few scattered rentals outside this period. The ideal is to anticipate during the winter months to prepare for the following season, this also makes it possible to implement any recommendations on the house. But do not hesitate to contact us during the season!

What should I do before the photo shoot to make the ad?

Make sure the house is empty and that your housekeeping staff has come by, that the beds are clean and well made.

Do I have to empty my house to rent it?

Ideally, travelers prefer a house as empty and neutral as possible. A perfectly tidy house without the accumulation of trinkets is more attractive to customers. Our visit of the house will allow us to advise you as well as possible on this point. It is customary to have one (s) / garages or closets closed in order to store all personal belongings that you do not wish to make available to tenants.

Should I invest in order to rent better?

Everything will depend on your property and the price you want to get out of it.

The minimum investment necessary whatever the period and the style of decoration will concern household linen, bedding and other household fabrics (cushions, curtains, etc.), which can give a bad impression if they are not more very new.

Who pays the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee will be included or not in the price offered to the tenant depending on the rental periods. You don't have to worry about it. Our commission of 20% excluding tax of the gross rent therefore includes cleaning and Beauvallon Services will pay the cleaning ladies directly,

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